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PeachPit (Pearson Education)

PeachPit (Pearson Education)


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Digital video/audio eBooks and magazines are a great fit especially for people who are always on the go and find it hard to find the time to hit the library or their favorite book store.  Having access to the web while on the go to browse online to find your favorite author or search for your favorite topic/subject is a wonderful convenience for those of you who wish to keep up with their reading.

Digital video/audio eBooks and magazines can be watched from your desktop, laptop, iphone, ipod or mp3.

While traveling to work whether by foot or by train, digital video/audio eBooks and magazines let you listen to your favorite stories while your on the go.  Having the convenience of high-technical technology lets you keep up with your favorite author, keep up-to-date with new recipes or any other topic/subject you enjoy.

If your someone who drives to work and has a long commute plug in your ipod or mp3 to listen while your driving.

Audio eBooks can help students of all ages.  Listening to educational audio eBooks while your on the go can help you study.  Study and learn while your traveling is a productive way to get most from your time.

Audio eBooks/magazines are great for people who simply enjoy keeping up-to-date with their favorite hobby and interest.  Again, listening while your driving, taking the train or walking to your destination can make your commute a lot more enjoyable while keeping yourself up-to-date.

Do you enjoy watching, listening and reading eBooks?  There are many websites which offer digital video to enhance your reading too.

Whether it be educational, a hobby or listening to your favorite author, digital eBooks and magazines can save you time and enrich your life throughout your busy daily routine.

ed2go | online learning anytime, anywhere...just a click away

Education to Go (ed2go)

If you have a busy and hectic schedule which does not allow you the time to attend a class you can take a course online from the comfort of your home.

A network of 1,800 top colleges and universities online continuing education courses which are affordable and easy to use.  Enrich your life by achieving your professional goals.

PeachPit (Pearson Education)

Since 1986 Peachpit has been publishing books on the latest in desktop publishing, multimedia, graphic design, Web design and development, digital video and general computing.  Peachpit offers several digital products such as eBooks, online video products, Safari Books Online and a conference series.  Peachpit explains step-by-step timesaving techniques, savvy insider tips and has expert advice for any level of computer users.

InformIT (Pearson Education)

Computer professionals and users of all levels, The Pearson Technology Group (PTG) offers computer, technology, business books and digital products.  Leading brands include New Riders, Adobe Press, Peachpit Press, Addison-Wesley Professional, Prentice Hall, Sams, Que, FT Press and Wharton School Publishing.  Also on demand Safari Books Online Digital Library.

225 x 100 Logo Banner offers hundreds of popular magazines.  Many oldies but goodies such as TV Guide, Cosmopolitan and BusinessWeek.  If your searching for something a bit more edgier MagazineLine also offers Maxim, Marie Claire, Vibe, Fast Company and Wired. 


Alibris is the place to save on used and new books, music and movies.  You can find the bestseller or out-of-print edition, rare and collectible titles, latest DVDs, vinyl LP, vast selection of music and collectible records.  Alibris will help connect you to the best marketplace of independent sellers around the world.  Alibris also offers DVDs to entertain the kiddies., Inc. offers over 2,000 publications at discount prices.  Discount magazine subscriptions, free magazines, magazine gift subscription ideas, free gifts and special discount offers.  A few categories are sports, news, cooking, business and fashion magazines.  Every subscription includes a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

ed2go | online learning anytime, anywhere...just a click away

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