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Using catching key words to advertise, market and promote your business, product or service can make the difference in making the sale, getting people to subscribe to a subscription or getting someone to join your business opportunity. Choosing befitting, suitable and enticing key words and phrases MATTERS.

Who are you targeting?  Are you putting together a resume, selling merchandise, real estate, health and fitness, online marketing services, subscriptions or teens/youth?  Whatever your advertising method/technique is take the time to do some research to up the odds to attract and allure your
target audience.


Improvement to your selling method/technique can help you surpass the competition. Making a few adjustments can help you stand out from the rest.

We've all heard the saying practice makes perfect but do you actually practice?  Do you research, write down then speak out-load to yourself?  I can tell you from experience speaking out-load in front of a mirror will help you become more confident and believable.  Look straight into the mirror and talk to yourself.  Look straight into your own eyes while your speaking the words and phrases.  The only way you can get better is if you practice as if you are speaking to someone.  It really makes a difference.

Maybe your way of advertising does not involve talking to people.  Maybe you mail out post cards, create T-shirts, promote on your vehicle or signs.  I'm reiterating the importance of choosing befitting, suitable and enticing words and phrases matter.

Take a look below for a handful of enticing and convincing words and phrases to win over your target audience.

 Employment Resumes

 strong interpersonal skills

excellent verbal and written communication skills 

proven leadership skills 

good organizational and team-building skill 

 Understand all aspects of...


 Employment Resumes

 Interface with top management

 Work well under pressure



highly motivated 


 business smarts

 Employment Resumes


 proficient in___


 eye for detail




 Employment Resumes





take-charge individual 

team player 


 Online Marketing Services

 Reach the greatest number of potential clients.

grows your traffic 

See results start to materialize in as little as___days! 

not for geeks only 


Online Marketing Services 

 Bring those visitors back for more!

a steady stream of new visitors 

 residual income stream

Which of these mistakes are you making with your Internet marketing? 

 Online Marketing Services

 Keep your customers coming back.

 links that get you clicks

 without spamming

 Deliver the information your visitors want.


 search engine

 Online Marketing Services

Raise your site ranking FREE! 

search engine visibility 

award-winning software 

 unique visitors


 Selling Merchandise

 Great value!

Serious inquiries only 

Good for college or new apartment. 

 Needs work.


 Flawless condition.

 Hardly used.

Selling Merchandise 

Must see! 

 All offers considered.

Very collectible. 

 Fine condition.

 Lightly used

 Superb condition.

 Runs great.

Selling Merchandise 

 Moving-must sell!

 With all original parts.

 Completely rebuilt.

 Well maintained.

 Mint condition.

Looks and handles great. 

Works great. 

 Selling Merchandise

Liquidation sale! 

 Original owner.

 Sold as is.

Meticulously maintained. 

New condition. 


Perfect condition. 

 Subscription Advertising

 You've been selected to receive___at our special introductory savings rate!

__is a magazine that celebrates__ 

 available now for you to sample FREE

 New subscriber discount!


 Subscription Advertising

 engagingly written

 the__that sheds light on__

 All our readers have this in common:...

 Order__today and receive a FREE__.


 Subscription Advertising

 richly illustrated

 With every issue of__, you discover...

Join our growing family of subscribers. 

 We'll treat you to the next issue.

Renew your subscription now and we'll send you... 

 Subscription Advertising

 Immerse yourself in fascinating articles.

 the favorite magazine of__

Save__% off the newsstand price 

 Give a full year of___ to someone you care about.


 Real Estate

 Location, location!

 Hilltop views!

 architectural details

 amenities galore


 tree-lined street


 panoramic views

Real Estate 

Great buy! 

 Available immediately!

 handcrafted detail

 great layout

 professionally landscaped

 great block

 well priced

 Real Estate

Comfort and intimacy!

 Move right in!

 lots of built-ins

 lots of character

 secluded retreat

 up-and-coming neighborhood

 ideally located

 Real Estate

 Awaiting your arrival.

Get it before it's gone! 

all appliances 

great potential 

park-like settings 

prime area 

convenient location 

 Health & Fitness

 boost your metabolism

a diet that's as sensible as it is effective 

 cut your cholesterol

 freedom from pain

 relaxation exercises


 Health & Fitness

 burn fat

 Watch those excess pounds melt away.

 rejuvenate your love life

 restore flexibility

 improve your memory and alertness

 Beat stress in___minutes.

Health & Fitness 

 slim down

Lose__lbs. in__days guaranteed! 

 boost your energy level

 enjoy deeper, more restful sleep

 eliminates wrinkles

ease tension 

 Health & Fitness

your ideal weight 

replace flab with muscle 

banish pain 

wake up refreshed 

 fast relief from___

Health is more than the absence of disease. 

 Learn the art of___.

 Youth Market

 break out



 check it out








 Youth Market


rev up 

Rock your____. 

 off the charts





 shock wave



 Sexy Words 












 Sexy Words 












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